Objectives and Services

"The driving force behind us is our desire to meet the challenges of the global luxury real estate market place and present the answers needed today and in the future." rth

The luxury estate agency is specialized in international sales, locating and marketing of property throughout Italy and other select global market places. Areas of focus include Capri & Amalfi Coast in areas of Positano, Amalfi & Ravello, the island of Sicily including Taormina, Ragusa, Sciacca, Palermo, the Aeolian Islands.

At the top of the market, we offer unrivaled expertise to clients with interest to purchase, sale or let international property including villas, estates, apartments, land development projects and top luxury hotel & real estate investments.


1. Search the market for vacation homes or investment property to buy/sell or rent.
2. Appraisal and evaluation of property.
3. Advisory ability for appropriate legal documents necessary to close transactions.
4. A complete list of total pricing before entering into the contract (taxes, registration, etc.)
5. counsel for positive real estate investment.
6. Preparation of the appropriate legal documents and contracts for the buying/selling/renting of property.
7. Technical advice concerning land and construction of homes.
8. Possible financing through local banks.
9. A complete market analysis for the client on all real estate possibilities.

 I nostri servizi contemplano

"La forza trainante è di rispondere alle sfide poste dall'economia mondiale sul mercato immobiliare di lusso e presentare le risposte per il presente e il futuro." Rth

L'agenzia è specializzata nella vendita internazionale e commercializzazione d'immobili in tutta Italia e in altri luoghi prestigiosi del mercato mondiale. Le aree d'interesse comprendono Capri e la Costiera Amalfitana nelle aree di Positano, Amalfi e Ravello, in Sicilia, tra cui Taormina, Ragusa, Sciacca, Palermo, le Isole Eolie.

Nostre agenzia è all'apice del mercato e offre straordinarie competenze a clienti interessati all'acquisto, la vendita ed anche all'affitto stagionale di proprietà internazionali, tra cui ville, terreni, appartamenti, progetti di sviluppo del territorio e hotels di lusso & investimenti immobiliari. 

1. Ricerche di mercato per case di vacanza o investimenti per proprietà in vendita, da vendere, in affitto o da affittare.
2. Valutazione e stima di proprietà.
3. Produzione dei documenti necessari per la conclusione delle transazioni.
4. La lista completa dei costi prima dell'avvio della contrattazione (tasse, registrazioni, ecc.).
5. Consulenza per gli investimenti più vantaggiosi.
6. Sviluppo dei documenti necessari e dei contratti per l'acquisto, la vendita o l'affitto di proprietà
7. perizia tecnica su terreni edificabili.
8. Valutazione delle possibilit i finanziamento tramite banche locali.
9. Una completa analisi di mercato per il cliente, su tutte le possibilit n ambito immobiliare.

I met Raphael through LinkedIn... It was quite fortuitous that I made that connection... Within a matter of months I was touring Sicily with Raphael... We settled on 2 properties and worked out offers to the most attractive. We closed without any difficulty and Raphael and his team walked me through all aspects.
Raphael is now coordinating the renovation process and I could not be more pleased with his diligence and the quality of work. He is truly the most qualified and honest partner for those interested in vacation, residential or tourist property in Sicily, southern Italy or the surrounding islands.
Rick Morales, Retired Wealth Management Professional, Houston, Texas, December 5, 2017
"Remodeling an old house on a Sicilian Island... with no road access is not a simple task... Raphael overcame all these difficulties... 9 months after our first visit to our new home... we spent our first holiday there and everything was just right."
CB, Germany Sept. 7, 2013
"We had spent several holidays in the Aeolian Islands, ... But how to achieve this as foreigners, who know little about the situation here... After some research on the internet we found the real estate agency of Raphael T Harris... Since then everything went smooth and easy... "
CB, Germany Oct 1st, 2012
"We were frustrated by the lack of response from most Italian Real Estate Agents when we came across Raphael's website. Raphael T Harris Jr is an American Sicilian based in Messina and Capri... Raphael did a good job negotiating and we signed an agreement that week... we were amazed to find ourselves back in Sicily just seven weeks later... No delays, no unpleasant surprises!"
AKB & CA, Monaco 4th July 2012