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Historic Property For Sale in Puglia

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This magnificent and historic villa is being offered for sale or vacation rental and is located in the Puglia region of Italy, between Bari and Brindisi, in the small elegant coastal town of Monopoli. The home was designed around the concept of hospitality and leisure that are the hallmarks of this luxurious time in Southern Italian history. The home and property are set amidst soft, rounded hills of the area, a view of the sea in the distance and the mild climate of the area which radiate peace and tranquility.

The villa dates back to the second half of the 18th century and is a worthy testimonial to the life of this period in southern Italy. The historic estate was built at the orders of a nobleman from the Campania region of Italy. Being the first member of the family to move to Monopoli, the lord set up a trading business dealing in the draperies, olive oil and wine. According to oral tradition, the family was originally from the Veneto region of Italy and this is exemplified with the construction and style of the home and gardens. The home is built in the Venetian style and distinguishes itself from the classic home of the area. The estate offers a varied and multifaceted ambience, dedicated to the enjoyment of life in all aspects, full and complete.

The walls and ceilings are covered with hand painted hanging gardens and frescoed ceilings, barrel-vaulted walls, which depict nature themes with a delicate touch and soft colors. Harmony and tranquility are the distinguishing features of this residence, inviting one to experience inner calmness and serenity in a place which both sooths and delights all the senses. The Venetian furnishings are pleasing to the eye and designed for comfort and conviviality. The noble lord of the estate was a man of great learning, a politician and legislator and lover of the fine arts, sculpture and above all and built a museum in the early 1800’s to ensure that the fine arts did not degenerate but rather endure through time. He wanted all his people to be educated and believed, a peasant who learns how to live with taste will become a better farmer.

The historic home is over 1400 square meters, surrounded by a hectare of cultivated gardens and another 10 hectares of agricultural land with olive trees, grape vine and a verity of citrus trees from the area. The home is bring sold fully furnished and is a welcome to one who has the ability and desire to find a vacation home to come and enjoy the life of leisure on the Adriatic Sea.

Along with the home is a collection of historic vases, 613 to be exact, some dating back to 700 BC and all registered with and protected by the Bene Culturali of Italy, will be sold with the home or apart.

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